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Scubapro Sidemount Regulator Kit - MK25 EVO / G260

Offering effortless air delivery and outstanding reliability, this is the go-to air delivery system for cold water or technical diving. There’s no better example of solid first stage performance in all water temperatures than the MK25 EVO. Teamed with the venerable G260, this system can be relied upon to deliver top-of-the-line performance in the most extreme conditions.

The Scubapro Sidemount Regulator Kit combines Scubapro's high performance Mk25 EVO 1st stages and reliable G260 2nd stages all together for a dedicated sidemount regulator package. Tough and reliable the swivel 5 port 1st stage make it easy to route all of your hoses and the kit comes supplied with all of the low pressure and high pressure hoses and gauges you need to start sidemount diving.
MK25 EVO 1st Stage is one of the highest highest performance first stages available now with a dramatically evolved balanced piston first stage with 30% increased freezing resistance, greater inhalation sensitivity for ultrafast breathing response, instant delivery of air on demand and extra high airflow no matter how cold the water temperature.
The balanced piston design is more than capable of supporting a whole team of divers simultaneously without faltering. The sleek body has heat exchanging fins incorporated into it's design to aid dissipation of the cold generated by the first stage as it works. The piston and main spring have been specially coated with an anti-freeze layer to improve cold-water performance and reliability. The MK25 provides two high pressure ports and five low pressure ports (four around a swivelling turret and a high flow port of the very end of the turret).

Extended Thermal Insulating System, X-TIS, fully insulates the internal mechanism from the environment. A form of environmental seal the X-TIS improves cold water / freezing resistance without compromising piston breathing performance (patent pending).
The G260 is a completely new second stage based on the look and feel of the classic G250. The new housing is smaller and lighter for improved comfort and reduces drag. The new balanced valve increases the performance over the G250 and also features a high percentage of metal components to help with cold resistance as metal has a much better heat transfer rate than composite materials such as plastic. Inhalation adjustable and venturi controls can be found on the side of the housing to allow the diver to customise the performance as required.

The design of the of the G260 housing allows a qualified technician to reverse the handing of the second stage from right to left (and vice versa) making it ideal for twin sets, stages / deco rigs or anyone that prefers it handed on the opposite side.

◊ Two MK25 EVO DIN 300
◊ Two G260
◊ Two Compact gauges

◊ Two HP hose 20cm
◊ LP hoses: 20cm (x2), 64cm (x1), 210cm (x1)
◊ BPI quick coupling x 2
◊ LP hose elbow x 1
◊ Regulator Necklace x 1