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Scubapro Jet Sport Full Foot

Lightweight, comfortable and affordable the Jet Sport Full Foot provides the same impressive price-to-performance of the Jet Sport Adjustable model in a full foot format to wear barefoot or with neoprene socks.

With a foot hugging rubber pocket moulding comfortably around your foot the Jet sport Full Foot is easy to wear on long dives. A tough tab at the back of the foot makes getting your foot in and out easy even if your feet are wet. Ensuring you don’t slip over on boat decks or on sandy beaches the sole has a non-slip grippy tread making walking in the Jet Sport Fins that much more pain free.

With a substantial semi-stiff blade and tri-material construction the Jet Sport Full Foot help you generate some serious power and efficiency while a pair of soft rubber panels situated within semi-rigid plastic frames offer flex to reduce strain on your legs and ankles. Slender side rails help to maximise energy transfer and stability between your foot and the blade, so every bit of energy you expend is used effectively.

Vents between blade and foot pocket reduce drag by decreasing resistance on both the up and down stroke further improving efficiency and minimising the strain caused to your legs and ankles, allowing you to enjoy your dives for longer.

The Scubapro Jet Sport Full Foot is a great mid-range fin that maximises kicking performance with impressive manoeuvrability, all without compromising on comfort ensuring sure your time spent underwater is that much more enjoyable.