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Scubapro Definition 7mm Mens Wetsuit

The Scubapro Definition 7mm wetsuit is user-friendly and uses a 3D cut and special tailoring to fit the body like a glove. This wetsuit provides extra stretch where needed, and enhance warmth and comfort. This tough 6.5mm wetsuit is well-suited to active cold-water divers who want a level of warmth.

The Definition 7mm wetsuit includes a zip at the back which makes this wetsuit easy to put on and take off. The material used to make this wetsuit is Scubapros famous Definition design. Definition is made from X-Foam neoprene, this is the only “green” neoprene that complies with P.A.H. regulations. This super comfy material has many benefits that are key to a high quality wetsuit, this wetsuit has snug fit but is highly flexible thank to the ultraspan chest panel and Strectchtec side panels which work together. Definition also features infrared (IR) fleece on the interior lining, this reflects body heat for extra thermal insulation and is extremely soft against the skin.

There a various zippers used in the Definition range, this includes zippers on the wrist and ankles plus a rear diagonal zipper which blocks water entry. The zippers don’t only block water entry but they are comfortable against the skin, and they make the suit easy to put on and take off. A small neck zipper is include to enhance topside comfort, this elimiates the need to remove the suit between dives. A I-Safe strap is also included to keep wrist instruments such as a torch securely attached. As well as great zippers the Definition range also has abrasion resistant fabric on shoulders and seat along with elbow pads and knee pads which increases long-term durability.

The Scubapro Definition 7mm Mens Wetsuit is for male divers who are looking for a high quality Scubapro wetsuit which uses Definition material which is perfect for warm water and cold water conditions. This Definition wetsuit includes great features which make this wetsuit one of the best warm wetsuits available. The flexible material allows divers to move freely in the water, the suit also is comfortable to wear even with a BCD and tank on the back. The Scubapro Definition 7mm wetsuit can give you protection and is a perfect wetsuit for most temperature water conditions, using this wetsuit to dive deep into the ocean would give you an incredible amount of comfort and is long lasting thanks to the Definition material.