Reeldiving  Calibro +
Reeldiving  Calibro +
Reeldiving  Calibro +
Reeldiving  Calibro +

Reeldiving Calibro +

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Next generation diving masks are all equipped with the IDF technology which offers an exceptional field of view, and the Calibro+ is no exception.

The patented Integrated Dual Frame technology consists of the joining of two rigid frames, the first on the rear of the silicone skirt and the second, anterior to the first one, that support the lenses.

When the two frames are joined and locked together, the silicone skirt remains locked in the middle to guaranteea perfect seal between the facepiece and the lens.

This technology produces adrastic reduction in the internal volumewhile keeping the lenses close to the eyes toensure a wide view of laterally and in the lower zone.

The result is a mask with anextremely hydrodynamic shapeand low volume.

The mask is designed so that the integrated face and frame allow for an extremely hydrodynamic and compact shape and a particularly wide lens, maintaining the mask extremely close to the face.

The Calibro+ combines minimal internal volume with a phenomenal field of view due to the raked angle of the frame.

Thebucklesare, as always,directly integrated into the rigid skirtthrough a flexible rubber attachment that allows you to adjust and place the mouthpiece without shifting the mask.

Thanks to itsmatte coatingthe mask

The Calibro+ features the CressiFog Stop System, a patented membrane that surrounds the inner nose pocket which acts as abarrier and traps any moistureescaping from the diver