OR Optical Lenses Support
OR Optical Lenses Support

OR Optical Lenses Support

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Just as eyeglasses are the easiest and safest way to correct vision topside, corrective lenses are the simplest and most cost effective choices for correcting it underwater. Tired of not being able to see well underwater? Can't read your computer or gauges? Maybe you not sure what F-Stop you are setting your camera on? If these are problems for you when diving you need to get Ocean Reefs Optical Lens Support. 

These frames are specifically designed, for a Neptune Series mask, to allow the use of standard optical lenses (lenses not included) while diving. Lightweight, strong corrosion proof plastic frame design may be easily inserted and removed from mask allowing multiple users with one mask set up. Optical Lens Support can be used with Neptune Space, Neptune II NIRA, and Neptune II Full Face Masks.


  • Easiest, safest way to correct vision topside
  • Specifically designed for Neptune Series mask
  • Lightweight, strong corrosion proof
  • Easy to install and remove