OMS - Mammoth Extended Sizing SS, ST, MS, MT, MLS, MLT, LS, LT, XLS, XLT, XXLS, XXLT

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The underwear Mammoth is one of the most innovative diving underwear in the world. Such a composition of such sophisticated materials that in the Mammoth
can not be found in any other subcontractor in the world. The outer material is made of Polartec® Neo Shell® - a sensational membrane material,
characterized by excellent properties such as breathability and water vapor permeability. It is a water-repellent material that inhibits diffusion
reduced by water to the inside of the underside. It is also a very flexible and durable material. The structure provides an additional protective layer
against cold. As a thermo-layer, the fabric Climashield® Apex® was used. The material has very good thermal properties. Apex® is one of Climashield®
recommended material, suitable for all extreme sports and considered one of the best fabrics in the world. Apart from that, Climashield® Apex® is better
It also has thermal properties as comparable materials from other manufacturers, it is also characterized by a much longer durability and resistance to
Mechanical damage marked. The inner layer used was a soft-touch Polartec® Power Dry® material, which provides additional protection against cold
also fulfills the most important role, namely to derive moisture from the body of the diver. In addition, at the most important joints an elastic tissue was
Polartec® Power Stretch® processed. The cut and the stretchy materials used prevent any movement restriction.