Ocean Reef Neptune Space Predator

Ocean Reef Neptune Space Predator

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Darth Vader eat your heart out! The Ocean Reef's Space Predator Full Face Dive mask is the most futuristic piece of dive gear since re-breathers.

An easy crossover from normal scuba breathing system makes this mask a definite part of the future of diving.

The Neptune Space Predator Full Face Mask is available in 2 sizes in black and includes a state-of-the art regulator, reduced internal volume, an improved visual field and integrated surface air valve.

It is compatible to be used with a communication unit and various different accessories.

The mask is constructed with parts of Anodised Anticorodal,  durable and lightweight aluminum compound used in aeronautics for applications requiring high mechanical resistance. The front cover of the mask's regulator is made of laser-cut Anticorodal. This portion of the regulator has a light gold finish resembling the helmets of the first deep water divers.

The mask can be donned and doffed quickly making it extremely safe to use and it is compatible with Nitrox up to 40%.