Ocean Reef G-divers Surface Air valve

Ocean Reef G-divers Surface Air valve

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Ocean Reef G-divers Surface Air Valve

If you own an Ocean Reef Full Face Mask (FFM) and spend time on the surface in a ready-mode you know that you can waist a lot of air with your FFM on your face. The G Divers Surface Air Valve (SAV) allows the user to breathe ambient air at the surface, conserving tank or surface supply air. It is simple to use and its low profile keeps it out-of-the-way. 

The SAV is designed to conserve the diver's air while on the surface. This is NOT a snorkel. Generally, when diving with a full face mask, the diver is breathing off of a scuba bottle or surface supplied air. With the SAV, the diver is able to breathe ambient air without removing his/her FFM. Operating the SAV is simple. If you rotate the valve counterclockwise, you will breathe ambient air. If you have the valve rotated fully clockwise, it will be closed and you will breathe off of your supply air. 


  • Designed for Ocean Reef Full Face Mask (FFM)
  • Allow breathing of ambient air on the surface
  • Helps conserve tank/air supply