CRESSI SUB - Thor EBS Black/Silver

CRESSI SUB - Thor EBS Black/Silver

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The Cressi Thor EBS Open Heel Fins are a brand new design for this extremely effective and yet very easy to use fin. The special arched profile of the fin, combined with the two central ribs promote a significant flow convection effect, known as spoon effect, which stabilises and boosts propulsion. Two lateral holes discharge the negative forces typically associated with this area and at the same time make for enhanced stability. The blades are moulded from two different materials for improved reactivity.

The Cressi Thor EBS Fins are perfect for scuba diving, whether you are an experienced diver or a novice. The Thor is made with the exclusive 3-material injection system patented by Cressi, which provides an excellent combination of strength, power, comfort, and aesthetics.

Cressi Thor EBS Fins come equipped with the Cressi Elastic Bungee System (EBS) which makes use of a round bungee cord band that accommodates all foot sizes for a perfect fit. The EBS strap features an anti corrosive rubber coated bungee, and an extra-large heel grab loop. This allows for donning and doffing even with thick diving gloves. The best feature of the bungee design is that it will always stay conformed to your foot no matter your depth by counteracting the neoprene compression of your boots. The EBS strap is guaranteed to give you unparalleled comfort and forget-about-it-adjusting. Under blade foot pocket design provides fast transmission of applied energy and great structural rigidity.

Cressi Thor EBS Fins Features

  • Extremely Effective and Easy to Use Fin
  • Special Arched Profile Combined with 2-Central Ribs:
    Promote Significant Flow Convection Effect
    Effect Known as Spoon Effect
    Stabilises and Boosts Propulsion
  • Two Lateral Holes Discharge Negative Forces and Enhances Stability
  • Blade Molded from 2-Different Materials for Improved Reactivity
  • Materials: Plastic and Rubber
  • Perfect for Scuba Diving, Experienced Diver or Novice
  • Exclusive 3-material Injection System Patented by Cressi
  • Excellent Combination of Strength, Power, Comfort, and Aesthetics
  • Elastic Bungee System (EBS):
    Easy to Use and No Adjustments Needed
    Large Grab Tab Loop, Easy Donning and Doffing
    Grab Tab Loop: Works Well with Heavy Gloves
    Extremely Comfortable, Depth Compensating Design
    Construction; Rubber Bungee and Plastic Buckles
  • Under Blade Foot Pocket Design:
  • Provides Fast Transmission of Applied Energy
  • Great Structural Rigidity
  • Available in Multiple Sizes