CRESSI SUB - Reaction EBS  Black

CRESSI SUB - Reaction EBS Black

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High-performance Cressi Open Heel Reaction Fins with Bungee are based on Rondine. Besides offering innovative look, the Reaction w-EBS features exclusive molding using Cressi’s patented system. The 3-material thermo-rubber computer-designed anatomic foot pocket encompasses foot for the transmission of leg-towards-fins thrust. The foot pocket is comfortable enough to improve finning efficiency without losing energy. The blade is made from dual-density polypropylene that produces a smooth channeling effect. Side stringers control the flexibility of blade. An exclusive Bungee System accommodates the foot size for a personalized and comfortable fit. The Cressi Open Heel Reaction Fins with Bungee deliver matchless comfort during finning activity.

Technical Specs:

  • Non-Vented Innovative Fin Design
  • 3-Material Revolutionary Blade Construction
  • Thermo-Rubber Foot Pocket
  • Techno-Polymer Blade
  • Silicone Channels
  • Original Foot Pocket
  • Silicone Blade
  • Effortless Kick
  • High-Efficiency Snap Blade
  • Abrasion & Shock Resistant
  • Comfortable & Soft Foot Pocket
  • Combines Durability, Comfort, Thrust, and Lightness
  • Elasticized Bungee System
  • NO Adjustments Required
  • Large Size Grip Tab Loop for Easy Doffing & Donning
  • Grip Tab Loop can be Handled with Gloved Hands
  • Depth Compensating, Extremely Comfortable Design
  • Plastic Buckles & Rubber Bungee
  • Blade Dimensions Based on Size: 23"-27.6"
  • Item Weight Based on Size: 26.5-40.6 ounces
  • Multiple Colors & Sizes Available
  • 2-Year Satisfaction Warranty