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Cressi Gorilla Pro Duffel Bag

“Oversized” version of Gorilla bag. Perfect for transporting long fins and bulky equipment. Additionally, it has a convenient watertight side pocket for objects that need to be protected from the water.

It’s made with resistant thermo fused laminated Tarpaulin© PVC through 7 tenths thickness high frequency, so it’s practically 100% watertight and so, really useful to avoid wetting the boot of your car.

It has two hard fused handles in each extreme, very useful to transport it, especially when the bag is really charged, and a handle-shoulder strap system with snap hooks and especially resistant accessories that allow very heavy burden (extreme resistance test until 145 Kg weight).

The YKK© zip is made of plastic (as on the wetsuits) and it’s recovered by one Velcro© flap. U configuration for a wide opening of storage space, perfect access and comfort when inserting the equipment.

It has an exclusive and practical drainage system of residual water in one of the extremes. It can be folded and disinserted to empty quickly the bag. Spare part plugs are available.

Its dimensions are perfect for complete equipment even adding the larger apnea or diving fins. Its square section highly increases the capacity regarding the previous version.