AQUALUNG - Shot FX, Small, Regular, Large (twilight)

AQUALUNG - Shot FX, Small, Regular, Large (twilight)

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The Aqua Lung Shot FX fins are specifically designed for the female foot shape to create a more comfortable fit and a more efficient use of energy.


The Shot FX fins uses the power band technology from the slingshot and hotshot fins but rather than use them in the same way Aqua Lung has incorporated this energy efficient technology into the foot pocket, creating a 'Power Zone'. The foot is firming anchored into the pocket using a spring strap which helps transfer all the power from your leg to the fin as effectively as possible.


The blade uses a flexible channel design with a high performance elastomer material in the centre that helps to cup and focus the water through each kick to improve efficiency. The side bars that provide strength to the blade also help to contain the water during the downstrokes to maximise the propulsion from each stroke. The blade uses a softer material and is slightly shorter then a traditional fin to make it easier to kick without tiring quickly.



  • Channel design blade
  • Open heel foot pocket
  • Spring strap