aqualung Dive Series
aqualung Dive Series
aqualung Dive Series
aqualung Dive Series

aqualung Dive Series

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  • 3mm high-quality non-petroleum based neoprene uses an environmentally friendly PAH free-formula.
  • High-density neoprene that allows lots of dives without shrinkage.
  • Constructed using double-glued, two-thread blind-stitched seams. All seam junctions on the inside of the suit are sealed by a small patch, offering superior warmth, comfort and durability.
  • Ring seals on arms and legs help stop water entry and allow for easier don and doff.
  • Ankle zipper on the model with hood attached and front zipper.
  • Ergonomic panels under arm, inside elbow and inside knee for comfort and easy movement.
  • Pre-bent anatomic leg and arms for comfort.
  • Improved Supratex™ knee panels offer excellent abrasion resistance with the added bonus of increased flexibility.
  • Printed designs on the shoulders and body sides to protect your suit from BC abrasion.
  • Printed designs on the wrist to help secure your dive computer.
  • Loop at the end of the zipper along with a leash on the slider assists the don and doff.
  • Ergonomically designed hood provides a great fit.
  • Reflective prints on top of the hood and calffor high visibility during dives.
  • Sizes and gender prints on both outside and inside the wrist for easy check
  • Durable metal slider for intensive use.