aqualung 5mm Manta Boots

aqualung 5mm Manta Boots

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Heel Cap Yes
Toe Cap Yes
Instep Cap Yes
Compression Molded Sole Yes
5, 6.5mm Neoprene Yes
Non-Corrosive YKK #10 Zipper Yes
Reusable mesh bag packaging Yes


  • ComfortableFeels like a tennis shoe: compression-molded sole, built-in arch support, and raised heel.
  • Slip-ResistantTread reminiscent of a tennis shoe provides stability and steadiness.
  • WarmMade of neoprene in 5mm and 6.5mm thicknesses for targeted warmth, with an additional neoprene insole.
  • DurableCloses with a heavy-duty, non-corrosive locking zipper. Elastic binding at the top resists wear and tear.
  • Eco-Conscious PackagingComes in a reusable mesh bag for easy drying and storage.