Apeks - Stage 3 MTX-R DIN

Apeks - Stage 3 MTX-R DIN

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Introducing the new MTX-R. Based on the Military Spec MTX which was developed to be in accordance with US Navy extreme cold water test. Apeks has set the new standard of cold water regulator. The MTX-R is capable of performing in near freezing water temperaturs at over 60m depth.

The First Stage

Designed with rugged reliability in mind the first stage is a one peice forged body with satin chrome finish, a this reduces ice build up in extreme temperatures and provide maximum thermal performance. The design also features an over-moulded first-stage end cap and environmental sealed diaphragm to prevent ice build-up that could otherwise cause a free flow event. Angled High Pressure ports and parralell turret ports optimise hose routing.


  • Over-balanced diaphragm design, environmentally sealed
  • One piece forged body with satin chrome finish
  • 2 HP Ports 7/16" UNF
  • 5 MP Ports 3/8" UNF

The Second Stage

Designed with simplicity in mind, the MTX-R Second stage has no dive adjustment features which could result in a free flow event in extreme conditions. It comes with Apeks Patented Heat Exchanger which surrounds the valve. This helps dispel the cold caused by expanding gas whilst drawing in  dissipating the warmth of the surrounding water.

Developed in accordance with the United States Navy Experimental Dive Unit extreme cold water test.
Tested for Octopus use to 60 metres in cold water.