AP DIVING Diluent Swivel Inflator - Single (for BMCL)

AP DIVING Diluent Swivel Inflator - Single (for BMCL)

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RBV07/35S - Diluent Swivel Inflator - Single (for BMCL) with AP35S Counterlung Inlet

Upgrade Kit includes:

RBV07 Swivel Inflator unit
AP35S low profile BMCL inlet elbow
The Swivel Manual Inflator for Inspiration rebreathers with back mounted counterlungs (BMCL) is a new and improved design replacing the previous solid inflator block (RBV05). The single version is fitted as standard to all new units (unless ordered with one of the other new swivel inflators listed below) and is offered as an upgrade kit for existing owners.

The new inflator block is designed so that the inlet and outlet blocks move independently, pivoting around a central point with the ability to rotate through 360°.

This has several advantages. First, it allows the feed hoses to be routed so that they lie flat against the diver without protruding or putting strain on the hose.

The second and key advantage is that it allows multiple hose routing options for the gas feeds. For example, hoses can be routed in the conventional way, over-the-shoulder; they can be routed under-the-armpit (to off-board cylinders for example); or if the inlet connector block is rotated forward, another gas can be plugged in from side-mounted or deco-station cylinders.

Upgrade for existing owners:

The Swivel Inflators can be retrofitted to all existing Inspirations with BMCL. The diver can use their existing hoses if they swap around the one feeding into the counterlung so that the knurled female connection end attaches to the new inflator block outlet and the 3/8th UNF male connector attaches to the new AP35S low profile inlet elbow (included) which replaces the current counterlung inlet elbow.

The new single Swivel Inflator is available for both oxygen and diluent manual inflation. For the Single Oxygen Swivel Inflator - see RBV07A/35S.

Other Swivel Inflator options:

In developing the new single inflators AP have designed a complete range of swivel inflators with different functions. These options can also be retro-fitted or ordered with a new unit in place of, or in addition to, the single inflators. The options are:

Single Swivel Inflator - Oxygen - A single inflator block with a rotating inlet block which can swivel through 360° to allow different hose routing possibilities for onboard or offboard gas. See (RBV07A/35S).

Dual Swivel Inflators - A dual inflator block with two rotating inlet ports to allow two independent gas sources - e.g. onboard and offboard - to be plugged into a single inflator block at the same time. Available for both oxygen (RBV07A/DUAL/35S) and diluent (RBV07/DUAL/35S).

Single Diluent Inflator with GC3 (Flowstop) Shutoff Valve - includes a hose from the Flowstop to the ADV inlet. See RBV07/SO/35S. It allows the ADV to be easily isolated after the initial descent if the diver prefers to control the diluent manually during the middle section of the dive.

Single Oxygen Inflator with GC3 (Flowstop) Shutoff Valve - includes a hose from the Flowstop to the Solenoid inlet. See RBV07A/SO/35S. It allows the Solenoid to be easily isolated.

Dual Swivel Inflators with GC3 (Flowstop) Shutoff Valve - (for either oxygen or diluent) - includes both the GC3 and the relevant hose to either the solenoid or ADV. In this model the top swivel inlet block features both an inlet and an outlet. A GC3 shutoff valve sits in-line after this outlet which allows the diver to quickly and easily isolate the solenoid (oxygen side) or ADV (diluent side).