aqualung Adjustable Spring Strap

aqualung Adjustable Spring Strap

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Our Adjustable Spring Straps allow you to add a sturdy, padded spring strap to any Aqualung fin that uses a Spring Strap or adjustable strap (except Rocket II). Adjustable Spring Straps keep the fin secure on your foot, even during size changes caused by socks and booties absorbing water.


  • Easy Mount Mounts easily onto any Aqua Lung fin that currently uses adjustable rubber straps
  • Mounting Options Six mounting positions on each side of the strap allow you to set the strap length
  • A Range of Lengths Adjustable from 11½” to 14¾”
  • Finger Loops Finger loops for easy on/off, even while wearing thick gloves
  • Padded Protective heel pad guards against blisters and abrasion