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Equipment & Regulators Service
Posted : Sat, Jan 13, 2018



We are an authorized Apeks service point, and therefore we offer servicing Apeks regulators for Air and Nitrox use. Our oxygen service and cleaning is done according to international standards.


Servicing Price list:


Air Regulators:

First Stage Service: 300 SEK

Second Stage Service: 200 SEK

Package 1 Service (First Stage Second Stage): 450 SEK

Package 2 Service (First Stage Second Stage Octopus): 550 SEK


Nitrox Regulators:

First Stage Service: 400 SEK

Second Stage Service: 300 SEK

Package 1 Service (First Stage Second Stage): 650 SEK

Package 2 Service (First Stage Second Stage Octopus): 800 SEK


Rebreather Parts:

Diluent First Stage: 300 SEK

Oxygen First Stage: 400 SEK

ADV: 250 SEK

Diluent Manual Inflator: 75 SEK

Oxygen Manual Inflator: 100 SEK



* Note 1: Service kits are not included in the servicing fees. All service kits should be purchased separately or in addition to the servicing fees.

* Note 2: The servicing fees only include replacing the parts which come originally in the manufacturer’s service kits. Any additional broken parts found in the regulators and equipment while being serviced, will be quoted separately.


* Note 3: We guarantee the oxygen cleanness of regulators and equipment used with Nitrox and Oxygen when they are serviced by us, as long as they have not been contaminated by other parties after leaving our premises.  


* Note 4: Servicing time takes between 3-5 business days after receiving the item(s), as long as no additional broken parts found.

* The shipping cost for 1 regulator is 110 SEK, and for 1 regulator set is 150 SEK within Sweden. All package as sent with registered mail.

* All prices include 25% VAT.