About Us

Euro Diving Zone Corp. was established in 2007 with a mission to bring divers new set of technological advances that would revolutionize diving equipments forever. Since the start of the company, our R&D team began the quest of researching new materials in order to adopt them in diving applications. Success translated by growth and constant expansion which we owe it all to our valuable customers who always thrive for the best and the latest. A good value, does not mean an expensive one. That's our main belief and the proof of it, is the result of our work. In 2009, our company has grown on 3 different levels, which are:

Research & Development: Working with certain manufacturers throughout the years, gained us a great deal of contacts in the manufacturing world specifically in the Asian market. Our R&D team, continues to work with existing manufacturers and suppliers, as well as it continues its search for what the industry lacks, and new projects to develop.

Sales Department: Selling has been an on-going process on daily basis. Due to our increase amount of sales, we have established our main warehouse in ShenZhen, China, in order to cope with all orders coming from our distributors and webshops. In 2009, our company has become one of the major players in dive equipment sales, which was partially due to our advances and introductions of new equipments. And partially due to the success of other brands in which we retail.

SCUBA Training Department: Training has been always one of our objectives to achieve. Since 2008, our team has been conducting SCUBA diving courses mostly in south of Europe, while establishing our training premises slowly in Sweden. In 2009, we have been successfully registered as a TDI Training Facility, in which we are carrying various types of diving activities from. Training courses are provided on recreational level with PADI, and on technical level with TDI. We also provide DAN courses for those who want to raise their awareness and knowledge levels to become DAN Oxygen Providers.