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2018 Memberships!
Posted : Sat, Jan 13, 2018



From January 2015, we will be having a membership service for those who require it. Our goal with this is to encourage more divers to be active and to take more advantage of the services and products we offer.


New members will receive membership cards with unique codes that they can use to apply for the special discounts.


The annual membership costs 550 SEK and offers the following:


- 5% Discount on purchasing equipment and dive gear

- 10% Discount on equipment service

- 15% Discount on trips & courses

- 50% Discount on Air filling



* Note 1: Memberships are valid for 12 months from the date they are registered.

* Note 2: Members may not use their memberships to purchasing equipment and/or service for other non-members.


* Note 3: To apply for a membership, please contact us with your personal information including the following: Full Name, Address, Personnummer, Telephone Number, E-mail address, and the highest diving certificate that you have at the time.

* Note 4: The membership fee includes 25% VAT.